1. What is the size of the Chess set?

A. This is a regulation sized chess set with square side measuring 50mm.

2. Do I need to have an internet connection?

A. No. Unless ofcourse if you want to broadcast then you will need an internet connection with wifi router. You can connect to your mobile (Android or iOS) or PC (Windows, Mac or Linux) through wifi with our application. You will be able to organise large tournaments completely offline if you choose to.

3. What do I do if I loose a piece(s)?

A. The sensor in the pieces are inexpensive and fairly easy to replace and we will provide replacement sensors along with pakaging. Even if the replacements are lost, one can purchase them at our website.

4. How many boards can I connect to a single router?

A. It depends on the router but typically around twenty-five. The primary constraint would be the range of the router meaning how many boards can you fit inside router's range.

5. Is tournament management software included?

A. Yes, a very powerful and intuitive tournament management software is included. It comes with features which make a tournament manager's job easy.

6. Can I share my games in social media LIVE?

A. Yes, integrations enable you to LIVE stream games on facebook, youtube, twitch etc.

7. Are all my moves automatically timed and stored?

A. Yes, once a move is made it is recorded and that data is immutable and is consistent with chronology of events. Its basically SUPER SAVED at multiple locations both locally on board and cloud.

8. How do I order one?

A. We will let you know on that one. To get the Updates on that please subscribe here.

9. Will the board still detect the piece if its placement is not entirely inside square?

A. Yes, the board will assign the move to the square with majority of piece. All you need to do is play your natural game.